dis·pens·er || dɪ'spensə n. pharmacist; device that dispenses

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • Instant hot water dispensers — An instant hot water dispenser or boiling water tap, is a sink appliance that dispenses near boiling water (up to 200°F) right at the kitchen sink. Having near boiling water at one s fingertips helps speed up the preparation of foods, beverages… …   Wikipedia

  • KLIK Rockets Dispensers — Very similar to a PEZ dispenser, KLIK Rockets Dispensers dispense Rockets brand candies. Known variants of these dispensers include the Easter Bunny, and an orange fruit with sunglasses.These dispensers hold US patent|5785206. The dispensers are… …   Wikipedia

  • PEZ — is the brand name of an Austrian candy, the pocket mechanical dispensers for such candy, and an abbreviation of PEZ Candy Inc. The candy takes the shape of pressed, dry, straight edged blocks (15mm (3/8 inch) long, 8mm wide and 5mm high), with… …   Wikipedia

  • Tape dispenser — A tape dispenser is an object that holds a roll of tape and has a mechanism on one end to easily shear the tape. Dispensers vary widely based on the tape they dispense. Abundant and most common, clear tape dispensers (like those used in an office …   Wikipedia

  • Soap dispenser — A soap dispenser is a device that, when manipulated or triggered appropriately, yields soap (usually in small, single use quantities). It can be manually operated by means of a handle, or can be automatic. Soap dispensers are often found in… …   Wikipedia

  • Mating disruption — (MD) is a pest management technique designed to control certain insect infestations. Specifically, mating disruption involves the use of synthesized sex pheromones to disrupt the reproductive cycle of insects. Contents 1 Mechanism 2 Advantages of …   Wikipedia

  • Gravel mines — Gravel mines, also called Button mines were small U.S. made air dropped anti personnel mines. They were used extensively during the Vietnam War as part of the McNamara Line. They were also used as a rapid deployment area denial expedient, to… …   Wikipedia

  • Label dispenser — A bench top label dispenser is a machine built to simplify the process of removing a label from its liner or backing tape. Label dispensers are designed with varying sizes and features which are often specific to the type of label they can… …   Wikipedia

  • Filling station — The still operating Skovshoved Filling Station from 1935 in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by Arne Jacobsen …   Wikipedia

  • PEZ Card Game — Infobox Game | subject name= PEZ Card Game image link= image caption= designer= Mike Fitzgerald publisher= U.S. Games Systems, Inc. players= 2 4 ages= setup time= playing time= Approx 20 min complexity= strategy= random chance= Some skills= Card… …   Wikipedia

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